Writing a thesis or dissertation is never easy. It involves a lot of brainwork, research, literature reviews, logical reasoning, arguments, critical analysis, writing and re-writing, interviews, getting feedback, and following certain academic conventions.

What is more, you have to complete it within a specified timeframe. This is why the majority of students do not complete their degree.

The Smartest Solution

The best and smartest solution is to let professional thesis and dissertation editors who have gone through the process themselves and passed and are also helping others help you succeed in your thesis and dissertation writing.

There are many benefits of following this approach:

  • You save yourself of the stress of having to do it alone
  • You fill the gap left by unavailable mentors and supervisor
  • You get feedbacks that can make the difference between success and failure
  • You proceed with confidence and near certainty that you will graduate
  • You take advantage of many years of experience of professional editors
  • You get a refined thesis or dissertation that stands you of the crowd
  • You enjoy peace of mind while others wallow in anxiety

The Editico Advantage

At Editico, we have professional thesis and dissertation editors who are Masters and PhD holders and have helped countless students graduate in style and are ready to help you succeed, too.

Based on your field of study, we will match you with editors whose discipline lies in your subject area so that you can get a customized and personalized solution.

Editors assigned to you will be available anytime to answer your questions and provide guidance in different aspects of the thesis writing process.

Key Areas We Will Work On

We intentionally review and edit the following key areas of your thesis to produce a first-class thesis that gets approved the first time.

  • Compliance – Each school or programs has its own set of guidelines. In addition, there are certain academic conventions you must adhere to. We ensure you comply with all.
  • Structure – We examine your structure to ensure it is well structured and meets the standard expected.
  • Coherence and Clarity – We edit your thesis to ensure your arguments are logically and systematically articulated and flows from one paragraph to the other.
  • Readability – Examiners are going to be marking a lot of thesis and dissertations in limited time, so there is a way your document should be formatted for them to read it easily and quickly. We edit your writing to be easily readable.
  • Citation – We review your in-text citations against end reference lists to ensure they correspond and are properly cited using the required citation style.
  • Grammar – We will correct all grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes and ensure the expected vocabulary is used.

That is not all, we will ensure your write-up is consistent in style, language, formatting, figures and captions. We will edit for brevity, maintain or add necessary repetition, eliminate unnecessary repetition, highlight weaknesses in your argument, point out areas that are difficult to understand or require more supporting materials and make suggestions to help you address them quickly.

Your Document is Safe With Us

We understand that your thesis or dissertation is a private and confidential document. Be rest assured it is safe and secured with us.

All documents uploaded to our server are encrypted with military-grade encryption and cannot be accessed by any unauthorized third party.

Receive Your Document When You Want It

Our turnaround is one of the fastest in the industry. We work with your headline to ensure your thesis or dissertation is completed and submitted in time.